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test.c File Reference

Some random tests. More...

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "ffstring.h"
#include "ffword.h"
#include "ffutil.h"
#include "ffregex.h"
#include "finflect.h"
#include "ffpriv_basic_cases.h"
#include "ffpriv_exterior_local_cases.h"
#include "ffpriv_genitive_stem.h"
#include "ffpriv_ie_vowel_change.h"
#include "ffpriv_ss_abnormal.h"

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int main (int argv, char **args)
 ffpriv_genitive.h is for internal use only

Detailed Description

Some random tests.

Remove me

Definition in file test.c.

Function Documentation

int main int  argv,
char **  args

ffpriv_genitive.h is for internal use only

ffpriv_genitive_stem is for internal use only

Definition at line 47 of file test.c.

References ffword::data, ff_partitive_singular(), ffpriv_adessive_singular(), ffpriv_ie_partitive(), ffpriv_ss_genitive(), ffregex_match(), ffregex_match_ci(), ffregex_replace(), ffstring_append(), ffstring_compare_ff(), ffstring_compare_ff_ci(), ffstring_copy(), ffstring_create(), ffstring_delete(), ffstring_dfe(), ffstring_instcount(), ffstring_lower(), ffstring_rfe(), ffstring_tail(), ffstring_tolower(), ffstring::len, and ffstring::str.

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