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Todo List

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Do some bla-bla humanism for the cases

Find out how on Earth do we get those function names properly linked to the respective functions

Global ffpriv_genitive_plural (ffword *word)
RELIC consonant

Global ffpriv_genitive_plural (ffword *word)
Check this regex

Global ffpriv_genitive_plural (ffword *word)
Consider writing ffstring_tail_equals_many

Global ffpriv_consonant_gradation (ffstring *word, ffuint32 direction, ffuint32 type)
Complete this documentation

Global ffpriv_partitive_stem (ffword *word)
relic consonant

Global ffpriv_plural_stem (ffword *word)
Relic consonant

Global ffstring_append_ff (ffstring *target, const ffstring *source)
We already know the length of the source ffstring, so why not create an optimized version?

Global ffstring_compare_last (const ffstring *left, const ffchar right)

Global ffstring_compare_last_ci (const ffstring *left, const ffchar right)

Global ffstring_last (const ffstring *source)
Wrong description

Global ff_inflect (const ffchar *word, ffcase thecase, ffint32 count)
curse user?

File test.c
Remove me

Global main (int argv, char **args)
ffpriv_genitive_stem is for internal use only

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